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Malega Audio Product Made in the UK

Malega Audio on and eBay. 14 days home trial for Passive
Preamplifiers, Malega Audio DAC Products, Silver Interconnect Cables, High End copper audio cables and more.

check-mark-01   The sure way to find out how something sounds is to actually listen to it. When it comes to our cables, that is no exception. We want you to audition these cables as we know you should be happy you did! For BEST results we recommend to replace all your signal interconnect cables at once, this way you will not compromise your new cables to bring change to your music reproduction to the maximum extent the cables were designed to. By changing all cables at once, you will also allow your audio system to show its true potential.14-days-home-trial-guarantee

You have 14 Days Home Trial Money Back Guarantee! Take your time to fully evaluate your new product. You should hear the difference from the start. An interconnect cables as well as DAC’s take time to “settle” so to say, in order for them to sound they best, they will need to have an audio signal to go through them for a couple of days or at least 12 hours (using a tuner for example) for conductive materials and metals to start “burning-in”.

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