High End Passive Pre Amplifier - PS1™

Passive Preamplifier, High End Passive Preamp PS1™

Bespoke Silver Design 100% Professionally Handmade Passive Pre-Amplifier PS1™ Made With Sound Quality As A Major Factor Using Finest Quality Parts. Experience Musicians Performance Sounding More Live Like In Your Room!

High End Passive Pre Amplifier - PS1™
High End Passive Pre Amplifier – PS1™

Malega Audio™ PS1™ passive preamp is our reference class pre-amplifier designed for maximum possible clarity for any music source. Entirely silver wired using FINEST silver that is part of its design and it certainly contributes towards better sound quality. Experience deeper bass, more natural sounding vocals, delicate and detailed treble and just more natural sounding instruments that is pleasant to listen to for hours on end.  After experiencing a better sound that is more involving and dynamic we start to go over our musical collection to hear what was missed.

We as audiophiles ourselves using our products and for a good reason! We highly recommend to audition the PS1™ Preamp as this could very well be the one you are looking for. It was specifically designed to pass the delicate audio signal from your source as least effected as possible therefore a grater musical message to your ears. It allows your audio signal to travel to your power amp so clear that you can easily distinguish the difference in sound by changing your audio source! So you pretty much hear what your source is capable of.

If possible please consider to use our Malega SILVER 1™  cables as these audio cables have low impedance, they are capable to bring a very best sonic result from your CD transport or a DAC source. For best sonic results from the passive pre-amp PS1™ , we recommend to use our Malega Audio DAC S1 ™ as a audio source for detailed and analogue like sound with a wide sound stage as the PS1™ has a high output signal that is really good for passive pre-amplifiers design, although either source is fine as the PS1™ stepped attenuator Pre-Amp will work just fine.

Take your music to a new level using PS1™ and simply enjoy your musical collection you have on your CD or Vinyl sound more live-like than before. Your have got 14 Days home trial, and 100% money back guaranty and 4-years warranty as well.

Here are some interesting reading on passive preamp`s vs active preamp`s etc.

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2). http://www.dact.com/html/ct1_in_etm_com.html

Silver Passive Preamplifier PS1™
MalegaAudio™ Silver Passive Preamplifier PS1™

Towards your musical pleasure and the perfect sound reproduction at your home for many years to come.
Malega Audio ™ Co. Team.

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