Audiophile Audio DAC – Malega Audio™ DAC DS1™ Digital Audio Converter

(Currently in development with pictures of prototype – coming soon) Bespoke Design Audio DAC DS1™ High End Quality DAC – Get More Musical Inside Out Of Your Albums! DAC DS1™ digital audio converter meticulously designed with highest quality parts and design specifics to make sure you get your music sound more lifelike, discovering album nuances […] Read more »

Reference Power Cable Malega POWER S1™ – Silver Power Cable Design

Audiophile quality mains power cable POWER S1™ for serious audiophiles. Reference class silver mains cable amongst the VERY BEST power cables on a market Malega POWER S1™ power cable allows a whole new level of sound bringing crystal clear musical presentation that just a pleasure to listen to, it’s like turning it into a different […] Read more »

Silver Audio Interconnects SILVER 1™ – RCA Reference Audio Cables

Audiophile Silver Interconnect Cables SILVER 1™ – Professionally Designed Analogue Interconnects To Make Your System Sound Much More Natural And More Live Like! Professionally made in the UK. Malega Audio SILVER ™ interconnects designed to stay in your system. Highest grade parts used including design specifics to make your music sound more lifelike and present! […] Read more »

Passive Preamplifier, High End Silver Passive Preamp PS1™

Bespoke Silver Design 100% Professionally Handmade Passive Pre-Amplifier PS1™ Made With Sound Quality As A Major Factor Using Finest Quality Parts. Experience Musicians Performance Sounding More Live Like In Your Room! Malega Audio™ PS1™ passive preamp is our reference class pre-amplifier designed for maximum possible clarity for any music source. Entirely silver wired using FINEST […] Read more »

Announcement of Business Name Change

  Please Note! Malbru Cables™ trade name has been changed to Malega Audio™ Dear customers and visitors please note that our previous brand name Malbru Cables™ ( is no longer traded under this name and has been changed to Malega Audio™ ( due to our management and business partnership change. In a future, please […] Read more »

Real Customer Reviews For Malega Audio Products

Here are some of the customer reviews that actually auditioned and purchased Malega Audio™ products. Some of them where kind enough to provide some pictures of their musical systems. We are very thankful to anyone who is willing to share their Malega Audio™ product experience with others like minded hobbyist, we highly appreciate it. Sharing […] Read more »