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We Take Orders for Customized Products
To Your Specific Requirements !

Only high-grade material is used with product design specifics in order to achieve a High Fidelity sound that can only be possible with high-quality parts, as well as design to allow your audio components to reveal its true musicality. Once you hear the real musical improvements, you wouldn’t want to go back to anything less musically involved. Well-made musical components will get you closer to live performance in your home, bringing that extra analog-like sound that you and your friends can enjoy for years to come. All of our audio products are carefully handcrafted here in the UK. Depending on the order, it may take from 3 to 30 days to complete. If some parts aren’t available, we will let you know an approximate extra waiting time. As soon as a product is ready, we will post it to you the same or the next day. You will receive a notification email after it was posted.


The Interconnects are made of using:

  • 99.9% high purity soft silver solid core conductors in TEFLON tube insulation.
  • Five-pointed star shape glass fibre nylon – UNS C14500 tellurium copper RCAs
  • Tinned copper braided screen to cancel EMI (electromagnetic interference), electrostatic and RFI (radio frequency interface).
  • Audio Note silver solder for highest quality parts connection.


The Inputs and Outputs terminals can be CUSTOM MADE WITH PROFESSIONAL XLR SOCKETS using Switchcraft Professional 3 Pin XLR Male Chassis Plug with Matt Black Body and Gold Plated Pins or 4 Inputs and 4 Outputs for monoblocks as a custom-made option. Or a more expensive XLR Balanced In and Out terminals from Furutech FT-786F


Professionally Custom Made Mains Cables To Your Specific Length.

Custom orders for power cables are very welcome. Only High-Grade materials as well as design specifics in order to allow a true quality sound reproduction from your audio system! The importance of mains cables can not be ignored. As strange as it may seem, the power cables DO make a difference and very audible indeed. Once you connect your audio components with our Malega Power S1™ power cables, you can not help but notice a difference in the whole audio spectrum that WILL make your music sound more exciting, involving, and just more natural.

9 thoughts on “Custom Made Orders for Interconnects, Power Cables, Passive Pre Amplifiers, Tube DACs”

  1. Henk van den Berg

    I am intressed in a passive pre amplifier with 1X xlr for my audio research ref 110 and 2 rca sockets , what is the total price of it?
    Thank you,
    Henk van den Berg
    2377BH Oude Wetering
    The Netherlands.

    1. Hi Henk van den Berg

      I`m glad you are interested in the right product! I have looked at your Audio Research ref 110 Power Amp model and I can see it takes 3-pin XLR Inputs (Male) – also a great power amplifier and I`m sure performing very well 🙂 Would you need 2 Pre-Amp sockets with Female (3-pin) connectors?
      The price with XLR (2) sockets would be £240 + shipping £18.00 The XLR used are silver plated copper alloy signal contacts – audiophile quality.


  2. Hello Mykhailo,

    This is what I want

    1x pre amplifier with 1x 2x xlr furutech sockets for my ref 110 amp female sockets and 4 rca sockets 1for my marantz sacd player and 1for a tuner, how can I change from cd player to tuner?
    Do you have also a interconnect xlr ?

    Henk van den Berg

    1. Hi,

      A). With FURUTECH (3-pin Female) sockets on Pre-Amp and 4 RCA Inputs the price is £320 + shipping.
      B). With Switchcraft (3-pin Female) sockets on Pre-Amp and 4 RCA Inputs the price is £270 + shipping.

      I would recommend to go with the Switchcraft 3-pin sockets as they are audiophile high quality with Silver plated copper alloy contact pins. Furutech are gold plated copper pins and cost more.
      The Passive Pre-Amplifier “Malega Audio PS2” will have silver plated copper alloy toggle switch that will switch between two pare of RCA Inputs (2 for a CD player and 2 for a tuner) which will be located at the back of the Pre-Amp.

      For the XLR (3-pin) Male silver interconnect cable:
      A). Highest purity silver solid core conductors XLR Cable with Furutech XLR (3-pin Male) connectors for the length of 65cm the price is £280 + £18.00 shipping.
      B). The same cable design with Switchcraft XLR (3-pin Male) connectors is £265.00 + £18.00 shipping.

      The XLR interconnect cables are currently custom made per order with desirable length and two options of XLR connectors.

      Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
      Regards, Mykhailo.

    1. Hi Henk,

      As these are custom orders (can not be selected from the company`s product pages) you will need to let me know which option you would like to order (A.or B.) as discussed previously and I will email you an invoice to your PayPal linked address as simple as that. The Passive Pre-Amp PS2 (with 2pare inputs) uses highest quality thick silver plated toggle switch for input selection and highest purity solid core silver wiring.

  3. This is what I want to order;

    First; Option A pre amplifier with 3pin female sockets, and 4x rca inputs cost £320

    Second; Option A XLR cable with both side 3pin male connecters and 90 cm long!!! cost?


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