3.5mm to Mini XLR Headphone Cable – Silver Headphone Cables with Mini XLR Connector


3.5mm Jack to Mini XLR Cable JX1 – Silver Wired Headphone 3 Pins Mini XLR Cable

TECHNICAL Information

  • The JX1 silver headphone cable has multiple silver conductors isolated in TEFLON tubing. All silver conductors are SOLID CORE in various thicknesses. We made sure to load the cable with plenty of High Purity Soft Silver, therefore we have more than enough for the headphone cable. All joint connections are soldered with Audiophile-grade Silver solder of 8% + content.
  • The headphone cable “XJ1” is internally woven to cancel various interferences.
  • 3.5 mm Jack is Gold plated (REAL GOLD) on the top of Copper Alloy. This jack is specifically designed for High-End audio applications. And when it comes to headphone cables, this is also important, as the audio signal for headphones is usually very delicate and needs to be as intact as possible.

Usually noticeable changes in using XJ1 Silver Mini XLR to 3.5mm cable;

  •  The audio signal becomes louder than before (at the same input volume)
  • The clarity in higher frequency, cleaner sounding symbols, more distinguishable nuances, just a cleaner more transparent sounding instruments
  • Mid-bass and Bass are tightened up and more distinctive, and controlled, and it seems or appears to be faster.
    Overall, one should decently consider the headphone cable upgrade as it will make your headphones even more interesting to listen to. It is a worthwhile upgrade for any headphones, the like AKG 712, etc. models will surely benefit from the Silver headphone cable.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

BESPOKE Design Mini XLR to 3.5mm RCA Headphone Cable for Audiophiles. An Essential Upgrade for AKG Headphones and alike

Meticulously designed the very special headphone cable to our scrutiny standards, making sure the owner of it will be presented with the maximum possible musicality, the sense of space, greater attack, more defined instrument, etc. The Mini XLR to 3.5mm headphone cable is covered in cotton, which helps the cable not to transmit noises from being rubbed or touched against various objects. The cable has a retro-looking design in a dark gray colour.

Silver Headphone Cable Design Points:

Headphone Cable is made of cotton, which is lovely to touch, and if in contact with the skin you won’t be irritated or disturbed. And also it is more than just the touch is it noise protection against the headphone cable bumps, so the noise doesn’t` get much of a chance of getting into your music. Of course, it isn’t ONLY for the braided cotton serving the signal protection but other In-House technics we employ to manage the overall signal protection, a few to mention are internal cable conductors braiding and airspace within the conductors as a few contributions to the stable signal.

All in all, you are in good hands as far as the headphone cables go AKG`s cables upgrades are certainly a good Brand to consider as the music just Opens up and becomes faster, more dynamic, and better instruments defined.

If one needs a different length please get in touch or let’s say you would prefer a FURUTECH 3.5mm Jack (for whatever exotic reason) we can take care of that too, as the main goal, at the end of the day, is to enjoy your music.

Helpful POINTS While choosing products

The indication of a good and positive change is that you are either tapping your foot unexpectedly or you want to listen to your known music, this is the KEY, you are subconsciously attracted to that BETTER sound, NOTE, it is not about measuring waves dB and frequency -it is about YOUR MUSICAL ENGAGEMENT and that, we as audiophiles are in expectation of.

Also, you feel you want to listen to music all over again, this underlines your emotional condition towards the RIGHT sound reproduction.

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3.5mm Jack to Mini XLR Cable JX1

3.5mm to Mini XLR Cable JX1 – 120cm, 3.5mm to Mini XLR Cable JX1 – 150cm, 3.5mm to Mini XLR Cable JX1 – 180cm, 3.5mm to Mini XLR Cable JX1 – 220cm


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