Audiophile Speaker Cables – SP1™


Technical Specifications:

  • High purity oxygen free copper of 99.99% purity for internal conductors. Solid core conductors of various diameters, all conductors are coated in polyethylene, than in polyester tape and thermoplastic coating. Gold plated soft pure copper spades used for cable connectors, these are highest grade nickel free gold plating version (CMC 6005-CU-G). Spades are very soft copper which makes them ideal for an audio signal.

Audiophile Speaker Cables Malega Audio™- SP1™ For High Fidelity Sound In Your Room. High Quality Speaker Cables For Discerning Audiophiles.


Malega Audio™- SP1™ Speaker cables designed to bring the maximum possible sound quality between your amplifier and your speakers. In most cases our customers get surprised by the extent of sonic improvements they experience. A greater feeling of instruments separation were one can hear instruments being more distinctive, wider soundstage, more articulated bass, drums sound incredibly natural with the sense of individual drum tone and their tight sound. From the delicate nuances of treble to vivid vocals, being crystal clear and natural sounding. All of these is possible to the extend your gear and speakers are capable to reproduce. The change of speaker cables can be dramatic in your home audio, most likely than not one can hear what have been missed in music passages, these could be finest details never heard before or just bringing out some instruments that possibly where either hidden or less noticeable. Whatever the improvements can be they are all important in our musical hobby.


If you are serious to get the speaker cables to be the real keepers in your musical set then this is it.
Towards your musical pleasure for years to come!


Malega Audio™ Co.

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 5 cm
Speaker Cables SP1™

300cm SP1™, 400cm SP1™


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