Audiophile Tube Pre-Amplifier – T1™ The Art Of Music


The T1™ tube preamplifier will bring about the beauty of music that can capture you in its energy and spirit.


Technical Specifications:


  • The Finest silver (99.95%) wiring for signal path.
  • Gold-plated yellow copper RCA`s
  • ECC82 Tubes with 20 years warranty
  • Or JJ Electronic E88CC Gold Pin (6.3V) – 9pin For your excellence with every decibel as  the tube manufacture states, and we agree with it.
  • Gold plated oxygen free copper signal selector switch


If you are serious to get the most out of your musical collection, look no further. A1™ tube Pre-Amp designed to be the real keepers in your musical gear.


If you would have any questions please feel free to ask, we are more than happy to help.

Availability: 2 in stock (can be backordered)

Bespoke Design Tube Pre-Amplifier for High Fidelity Sound In Your Musical Room!


Malega Audio  Tube Pre-Amplifier T1™ designed to stay in any audiophile system no matter what level of your components is. Of course the more refined audio system one has the better end result will be. Tube sounds so to say has its own beauty that attract a listener to engage himself or herself into musical performance, there is something special and unique the sound texture that is pleasant to human hearing. Sometimes one finds hard to explain what exactly it is in a tube sound that makes a listener to want to keep listening to music without experiencing fatigue. Saying these the tube audio equipment must be designed in a way to bring about analogue like sound as well as 3D imaging in played music either be it a digital audio source or vinyl.  In our Tube design Preamp T1™ we use the highest quality ECC82 6.3V type tubes for finest sound from a delicate treble velvet like vocals to a deep bass.


Feel free to ask any questions you may have we are audiophiles ourselves and here to help anyway we can.


Enjoy your music for years to come!
Malega Audio™ Co

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 35 × 10 cm


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