BNC Audio Cable – BS1™ Silver BNC Digital Audio


Bespoke design BNC Audio Cable – BS1™ – Ultimate digital interconnect for your Digital transport or DAC.

We wanted to make sure you hear your music sounding at it very best possible, when it comes to digital BNC cables.

A bit of technicality:

  • Options: BNC to BNC Audio cable or BNC to RCA Audio cable
  • The Highest purity silver of 99.9% used for the signal path conductor
  • OFC soft copper used for return conductor.
  • Teflon tubing to diminish current skin effect in signal.
  • High purity silver solder used for all connections
  • BNC connectors are special design for audio, either silver or gold-plated copper.
  • Copper braided shield against RFA, EMI/RFI/ESI, crosstalk etc interference.

BNC Audio Cable – BS1™ Silver BNC Digital Cable For Optimum Sound

Bespoke design BNC audio cable allowing you to take your music to a next level in clarity, soundstage and most importantly – realistic sound reproduction as good as possible. Unique design of BNC Silver audio cable is your one stop solution when it comes to BNC Digital cables. It was meticulously designed and crafted using the finest parts, making sure it becomes as essential as a musical component itself.24K furutech Gold RCA


Here are some technical specs;

In our BNC Digital cable design we use FURUTECH 24K Gold plated RCAs featuring (Alpha) OCC Conductor centre pin (Made in Japan). Made of high-purity oxygen-free mono-crystal copper.
Your  audio component connection at it very best for signal path.

BNC Gold Plated Copper Connector
BNC Gold Plated Copper Connector


Also, we chose to use BNC Gold plated beryllium copper and Silver plated copper connectors which are 75Ω Impedance.

Our ultimate goal in this BNC Digital Cable design is to make sure your music transferred as intact as possible, therefore more musical details get revealed, larger soundstage, deeper bass and just sounding more realistic and engaging.


Towards your musical pleasure and the perfect sound reproduction for years to come.
Malega Audio ™ Co. Team.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Malega Audio™ BS1™

Malega Audio™ BS1™ (BNC to BNC) 75cm, Malega Audio™ BS1™ (BNC to BNC) 100cm, Malega Audio™ BS1™ (BNC to BNC) 150cm, Malega Audio™ BS1™ (BNC to RCA) 75cm, Malega Audio™ BS1™ (BNC to RCA) 100cm, Malega Audio™ BS1™ (BNC to RCA) 150cm


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