High-End Tube DAC MB™-TD1


TDA1541 chip combined with a tube output design is capable to deliver a very detailed, thick and rich sound that is in fact very impressive, therefore proves the technological success in Philips chips production. The Tube DAC MB™-TD1 sounds deep in bass, drums and bass guitar sounds distinctive and rounded, vocals are very analogue like and are natural sounding, treble is crystal detailed It is a real pleasure to listen to. Properly utilised Tubes in output stages provide pleasurable listening for hours on end without you getting any fatigue. The valves used are original old German ECC85 (6.3V). With 20-year warranty.

  • Bespoke designed Tube DAC utilising World’s famous TDA1541 Philips chip
  • REAL tube output for High-Fidelity sound reproduction – no Op-Amps (operational amplifier)
  • Point to point soldering with the BEST audiophile grade silver solder for better and leaner signal path
  • 4 power transformers feeding various sections of the DAC, ensuring a clean electricity for a clean and precise sound.
  • Real wood front panel in two pleasantly looking colours, giving a nice retro type look with wood patterns throughout the panel.
  • Power switch button lights up in a soft yellow light, that is calm and easy to look at.
  • Made in the UK

Audiophile Tube DAC MB-TD1 on TDA1541 Philips Chip. Bespoke Design Tube DAC – A Serious Step Up in Sound for Any Type of Music.

Uniquely designed Tube DAC MB ™ DAC -TD1 model made on specifically selected TDA1541 chip which is capable to deliver a very detailed, thick and rich sound that is in fact very impressive, It has its unique character of sounding analogue like, which is naturally pleasant to our ears. This kind of magic happens when the TDA1541 chip is combined with the Tube’s output. The sound becomes more vivid.

The Tube DAC on the TDA1541 chip is designed entirely focusing on achieving the maximum performance from the row Philips TDA1541 chips by using ONLY those components that do make a difference in sound quality with genuine tube ONLY output! Less is more – is certainly our rule that is backed by repeatable audible results.

Highly recommendable, this Tube DAC to anyone who wants to take their sound to a next level. You may find yourself pretty impressed and possibly rediscover your entire music collection, as it will sound more interesting and involved in its sound. This Tube DAC TD1 is capable to deliver a 3-D sound reproduction, making your music sound more intriguing.

Owning this Tube DAC is like owning art in itself, not only aesthetically but musically as well. All of our DACs (as well as any other products) are made entirely by hand. Every Tube DAC product is unique in itself, having a real wood front panel made of pinewood with its own texture divided into two beautiful colours.
Rest assured, you are getting the true High-end Tube DAC that can easily challenge many High-End rivals in the audiophile league.

Side note
Please keep in mind that these are custom handmade DACs that can only be made in a limited quantity of about 1 or 2 per month with a waiting time of up to 3 months depending on orders quantity. Pre-orders are welcome and can be placed on our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, and I will try to reply in a timely manner. For best sonic results, we recommend using audiophile-grade silver analogue and coaxial cables if possible.

Towards your musical pleasure for years to come.
MALEGA AUDIO™ Co. Developers

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 40 × 45 × 20 cm
High End Tube DACs by MB

Tube DAC MB™ Philips TDA1541 processor ", " Tube DAC MB™ Wolfson WM874 processor


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