Silver SPDIF Digital Audio Cable SILVER SCX™


Bespoke SILVER SCX™ SPDIF Coaxial Audio Cable – Improving The Musical Performance Of Anything It Is Plugged Into. As Essential As A Musical Component In Itself


  • High purity 99.9% solid silver conductors used for the best digital signal transfer – contributes to clear sound characteristics
  • Double Shield applied in our design for protecting the delicate digital signal to keep the digital signal flow intact.
    1). The First shield is Tubular Copper Braid Screen to protect sensitive cables against electromagnetic, electrostatic, and radio frequency interfaces that can inject distortion into a digital signal flow.
    2). The second is aluminium foil sheet that provides additional protection to reinforce the braided screen.
    • RCA`s 24k Gold plated pure copper OCC Conductor centre pin & copper alloy body for best possible contact and signal path.


Handmade in the UK. SILVER SCX™ Silver coaxial audio cable, should be considered for anyone who is serious about digital audio, especially for those who still use stock cables supplied by audio component manufacturers. Our goal is to make sure, your music sounds as good as your components can allow. Treat yourself to this very special digital audio cable “SCX” bringing yourself more musical pleasure for many years to come.

SILVER SCX™ Coaxial cables available with: FURUTECH 24K Gold and FURUTECH Rhodium plated OCC copper and Switchcraft Gold plated copper alloy.


Bespoke silver SPDIF audio cable – a perfect coaxial audio cable that allows your audio components to sound their best, it will also let you hear much more of the original music recording, bringing you closer to live performance. Take your music to the next level


Our very special design SPDIF audio cable – SILVER SCX™, is a great partner to any system. Retrieve even more musicality, from deeper bass notes,  wider sound stage to the finest nuances in the treble. Our own in-house design specifics contributed to truly impressive audio results when it comes to SPDIF Digital Audio Cables. Completely handmade assembly in-house in the UK. The Finest audiophile parts are used to make sure you get the best performance possible out of your audio components. If you are looking for a decent digital SPDIF audio cable that will take your music a bit further – here you have it and it may be the one that you will EVER need.

The cable resembles a bit of a retro look, due to its cotton sleeving, and most importantly how it handles a very sensitive digital signal, making sure it is as intact as possible.


A bit of Technicality:

Furutech Gold 24k plated copper RCA_S
Furutech Gold 24k RCAs

In our audio interconnects we use specifically selected audiophile RCA`s which are 24K real gold-plated on copper alloy (FURUTECH Made

In Japan) for best signal flow. When it comes to High-end RCAs, you have a choice to choose either 24K gold-plated OCC copper (extremely high purity OCC single-crystal oxygen-free copper). Made from Copper alloy body and fluoropolymer insulation and use α (Alpha) OCC Conductor centre pin


Or Rhodium-plated OCC copper. These are amongst the best connectors available.

Furutech Rhodium RCA
Furutech Rhodium RCA

Rhodium RCA connector is made from Copper alloy body and fluoropolymer insulation and uses α (Alpha) OCC Conductor center pin.


Or Switchcraft Gold plated copper alloy RCA`s (Made in USA) contact and housing material: copper alloy. It’s made of real gold, consisting of 0.000020” to 0.000030” of 23k gold with a 0.0001 to 0.0002” of nickel underplating.


The coaxial cable construction has the finest soft silver used for internal conductors (signal & return).
A foil shield is used to protect against various signal interferences.

Switchcraft RCA
Switchcraft RCAs

All the cable parts are soldered with the highest grade Oyaide SS-47 original silver solder that

contains 4.7% silver and 1.7% copper solder. It’s necessary to eliminate a sound character or a tone that solder makes on a very sensitive musical signal. With the importance of contact and joining an area in delicate sound flow, we use this solder in all of our products as an extra step for reaching a high-fidelity sound in our systems.

RCA to RCA silver digital cable
RCA to RCA silver digital cable

Towards your musical pleasure and the perfect sound reproduction at your home.
Malega Audio ™ Co. Team.


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 3 cm
Malega SILVER SCX ™ Digital Coaxial Cable

SCX™ Furutech Gold 60cm, SCX™ Furutech Gold 90cm, SCX™ Furutech Gold 110cm, SCX™ Furutech Gold 150cm, SCX™ Furutech Rhodium 60cm, SCX™ Furutech Rhodium 90cm, SCX™ Furutech Rhodium 110cm, SCX™ Furutech Rhodium 150cm, SCX™ Swiftcraft Gold 60cm, SCX™ Swiftcraft Gold 90cm, SCX™ Swiftcraft Gold 110cm, SCX™ Swiftcraft Gold 150cm, Malega Audio™ SILVER SCX Cable-Furutech Gold 60cm (LEATHER), Malega Audio™ SILVER SCX Cable-Furutech Gold 90cm (LEATHER), Malega Audio™ SILVER SCX Cable-Furutech Gold 110cm (LEATHER)


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