Silver SPDF Digital Coaxial Cable – SILVER CX™ Audiophile Quality Digital Audio Cable



SPDIF Coaxial Audio Cable by Malega Audio™, A High Quality Coaxial Interconnect 100% Professionally Handmade in The UK


Silver CX ™  Coaxial Cable – Designed to Deliver a TRUE Sonic Difference! Reveal Your DAC Musicality Using True High End Digital Coaxial Cables!

  • High purity 99.9% soft silver used for 20AWG solid core conductors to provide incredibly fast and dynamic sound reproduction, helping you to hear much more of the original music.
  • Carbon Fibre and Rhodium-plated Tellurium Copper RCAs used for HIGHEST signal conductivity.
  • No compromise on the cable design and parts – true High End coaxial interconnect.
  • Natural tone quality, spatial imaging and powerful dynamics of live music.

Towards your musical pleasure and the perfect sound reproduction at your home for many years to come.
Malega Audio ™ Co. Team.



Coaxial Audio Cable – SILVER CX ™ SPDF Digital Cable – Designed to Reveal Your Audio Components TRUE Musicality! Bring A Sense Of Live Performance in Your Room Using A High Quality Digital Coaxial Cable! (93cm & 60cm)

Audio Professional High Quality AUDIOPHILE Grade Malega SILVER CX ™ coaxial digital cable, meticulously designed using purposely selected high quality components and high purity finest silver for solid core conductors (for + and – ) to achieve a high fidelity sound as long as your components allow. NO compromise on the cable parts and design, rest assured you get professionally designed SPDIF coaxial cable that reveals your audio gear its true sonic potential!

The SILVER CX ™ designed to let you hear slightest nuances of the original music as well as to bring musical emotions from your audio recording. The sense of performance and the musical involvement that a high quality coaxial cable make possible to experience.

Tellurium Rhodium-plated RCA - S


Highest quality carbon fibre rhodium-plated tellurium copper RCA connector used for the BEST possible signal connection and therefore having the least effect to the very delicate digital audio stream. The RCAs are UNS C14500 tellurium copper  containing 99.5% copper, 0.5% tellurium (Te), and 0.008% phosphorus. Its copper content is purest copper grades and it`s better mechanically than conventional pure copper.


Finest Silver SPDIF Cable by Malega Audio™

Purest silver of 99.9% used for solid core conductors to provide a very clear analogue like and dynamic sound, that can only be achieved by using a very finest parts as well as design specifics, allowing a listener to hear a true High End sound reproduction at home.

The Malega Audio SILVER CX ™ coaxial audio cable may very well be the one you are looking for. I highly recommend to audition this cable, I’m pretty sure it will help your audio components to reveal more insight into musical performance.

Please allow at least 48 hours for the cables to settle by playing music through them.

Returns are accepted. (The item must be returned in the same condition as it was shipped)
Feel free to ask any questions you may have I will try to answer in timely manner.


Towards your musical pleasure and the perfect sound reproduction at your home for many years to come.
Malega Audio ™ Co. Team.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 3 cm
MalegaAudio™ Silver S1™ SPDIF

93cm rhodium-plated RCAs, 60cm rhodium-plated RCAs

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