Reference Power Cable Malega POWER S1™ – Silver Mains Cable Design

Audiophile quality mains power cable POWER S1™ for serious audiophiles. Taking your musical experience a bit further with reference class silver mains cable – amongst the VERY BEST power cables on a market

Malega Audio Silver Power Lead
Malega Audio Silver Power Lead

Malega POWER S1™ power cable allows a whole new level of sound bringing crystal clear musical presentation that just a pleasure to listen to, it’s like turning it into a different power completely. Music sounding deeper on a bass more detailed with clearer and more distinctive vocals, allowing your audio components to deliver their BEST to whatever unit the power cable connected to.

Malega Audio – POWER S1™ designed to bring your music much closer to original performance and the better performing audio components you have the more distinctive the results will be. This is something one needs to experience for themselves. High quality audiophile mains cables such as POWER S1™ make this possible due to its design specifics and finest quality parts that includes 1mm FINEST SILVER (positive and negative) solid core conductors. The mains cable helps to bring any music as close to live performance as possible in your room it feels as the audio signal is cleaned and became more vivid with instruments more defined. Highly recommended POWER 1™ high-end mains cable for any discerning listener.

The POWER S1™ mains cable is made of the finest silver therefore having a very low resistance at high current levels. If you on a

Silver Power Cable - Silver S1™
Silver Power Cable

Look out for a reference class power cable here you have it! This is a real keeper for ANY system and music styles.

Custom options for Euro / USA & Canada mains plugs available. Only highest quality gold or rhodium plated copper mains power plug used. Please see here for more details: Malega Silver Mains Cables

Towards your musical pleasure and the perfect sound reproduction at your home.
Malega Audio ™ Co. Team.

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