Digital To Analogue Converter DS1

Audiophile Audio DAC – Malega Audio™ DAC DS1™ Digital Audio Converter

(Currently in development with pictures of prototype – coming soon)

Bespoke Design Audio DAC DS1™ High End Quality DAC – Get More Musical Inside Out Of Your Albums!

Digital To Analogue Converter DS1
Digital To Analogue Converter DS1

DAC DS1™ digital audio converter meticulously designed with highest quality parts and design specifics to make sure you get

your music sound more lifelike, discovering album nuances that never heard before.

The DS1™ Audio DAC features:

  • USB Input supporting up to 32Bit 192kHz audio signal
  • SPDIF Optical input supporting up to 24 Bit 192kHz audio signal

Please NOTE there is no RCA digital Input in this model (only USB and SPDIF Optical).

The DS1™ Digital To Analogue Converter sounding fast, dynamic and most important – NATURAL. The sound quality either using USB audio input or Optical SPDIF input will sound impressively good in across ALL musical spectrum.


We use the DS1™ DAC ourselves and for a good reason. Once you experience the sound change due to this DAC there will be no

return back to anything less quality sounding. In most cases, although depending on your system other components it could be a substantial improvements in sound reproduction.

The DS1™ Digital To Analogue Converter DAC has wooden front panel that looks attractive and it could blend well into most interiors and musical components. Although most important is a sound quality that we after, and this is what the DS1™ DAC was designed for.

USB digital audio converter DS1
USB digital audio converter DS1


Towards your musical pleasure for years to come.
Malega Audio™ developers

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