Silver Audio Interconnects SILVER 1™ – RCA Reference Audio Cables

Audiophile Silver Interconnect Cables SILVER 1™ – Professionally Designed Analogue Interconnects To Make Your System Sound Much More Natural And More Live Like!

Professional RCA Interconnects
Hand made Professional RCA Interconnects

These are a very special Silver RCA Cables, made in the UK. Malega Audio SILVER ™ interconnects designed to stay in your system. Highest grade parts used including design specifics to make your music sound more natutal,  lifelike and present!

High-End audio is all about the pursuit of perfect sound reproduction at your home – and that is exactly what these SILVER 1™ interconnects are designed for! – NO compromises on parts and on sonics. Your home audio can sound more realistic, engaging and just more lifelike with the sense of real performance in your room.

Using high quality audio interconnect audio cables, allows the very delicate audio signal pass between your audio components. If you are serious about bringing that elusive musicians performance in your room a little closer, I HIGHLY recommend to audition the Malega SILVER 1™ Interconnects as you may well be pleasantly impressed with what you hear and what your audio system is capable of.

The Malega SILVER ™ Interconnect cables should be treated as audio component in itself as this is an important part of the whole musical system, they are built entirely by hand to make sure we can achieve their highest performance and reliability.

Rest assured you are getting the true audiophile RCA cables that can challenge any other top of the line interconnects at much higher prices. These audio interconnects amongst the VERY BEST to own.

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The “Bullet” type RCA designed has fife gaps therefore making four even contacts around the plug allowing it to be more Audiophile Audio Cables with Nylon RCA Plugsflexible to various in thickness RCA sockets without loosing a firm grip and the contact.


Audiophile Audio Interconnects with Bullet PlugsThe body of the “Bullet” shaped RCAs made of durable NYLON that has no oxidation issues, it also decreases inductance and capacitance caused by metal cylinders.


Inside the RCA nylon cylinder the single point ground contact is located, which is made of gold plated tellurium copper. The single contact point decreases what`s called eddy current and reduced electromagnetic interference. The “Bullet” type RCAs used in our design as being very good in our tests for analogue audio signal. Also it allows easy plugging into various thickness equipment RCA sockets without damaging audio components.

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Please allow at least 48 hours for the cables to settle by playing music through them before auditioning.

Towards your musical pleasure and the perfect sound reproduction at your home for years to come.
Malega Audio ™ Co. Team.

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