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Here are some customer reviews that actually auditioned and purchased Malega Audio™ products. Some of them were kind enough to provide some pictures of their musical systems. We are very thankful to anyone who is willing to share their Malega Audio™ product experience with others like-minded hobbyist, we highly appreciate it. Sharing your product reviews, help others to consider our handmade products that is very likely to be a great find for anyone who wants to take their musical collection to a new level, making it sound more realistic.

Hi Mykhailo, finally had good listen to my system last night. It sounds awesome, magical even and very engaging, it’s hard to pull yourself away from it. Sounds great across all formats, from 16/44 to 24/192. I am so pleased, and I’m so grateful to you. I have attached a couple of pictures of my system, featuring Roland’s speakers. Cheers I came across the Malbru DAC (Malega Audio) while casually browsing on eBay, I had seen it before, but hadn’t really taken much notice, but on this occasion I decided to check it out. As I read the description and looked at the pictures, particularly the internal shots, I became more and more interested in it, to the point I got in contact with Mykhailo and asked to come to his place for and audition. I took my excellent Benchmark DAC 2 as reference. Straight away I could hear a difference: the Malbru was so much better in just about every aspect: more open, better soundstage, great imaging and an almost 3 dimensional sound and loads of detail, made the Benchmark sound sterile in comparison. The sound is so engaging it’s hard to stop listening. I now have it running in my system and it’s sounding awesome, trouble is, I am having too many late nights listening to music! The Malbru (Malega Audio) is far superior to both the Benchmark DAC 2 and the Naim DAC 1 I had previously owned and a lot cheaper. The biggest Audiophile bargain around! I also use the excellent Malbru (Malega Audio) passive pre ‘amp’ into my Valve power amp and it is so transparent with no back ground noise, given my speakers have quite high sensitivity, this is an excellent result. I am looking forward to adding Malbru (Malega Audio) cables to my system for the icing on the cake. Martin Swain

Martin`s Tube DAC with PS1 passive preamplifier
Tube DAC
Passive Stepped Attenuator by Malega Audio
Passive Stepped Attenuator P01™ by Malega Audio

Hi Mykhailo,

I’ve just installed the pre amp in place of a two input Tisbury mk1. What surprises me is how different it sounds – yours seems warmer with better bass. The attenuation is greater than with the Tisbury so normal listening volume with yours is about half whereas it was around 30% with the other. If my speakers were less efficient or my power amp less sensitive, I think there might be a problem, but it works OK.

My system comprises of an iMac with an iFi iPower/ iPurifier/ iDac, your pre, an Arcam 290P power amp and Kef LS50 speakers. I use an Isotek Sigmas power conditioner and Nordost / Crystal/ MCRU/ Tellurium Q cables. One day I’ll put it into my main system in place of the Music First transformer based passive – it’ll be interesting to compare them.

You really should put “Stepped Attenuator” in the title, though. I almost didn’t find your product because I was looking for a passive pre but didn’t want just a “pot in a box”. You may be missing out on sales because of this.

Regards, Jon

Audio Elise Amplifier and ES9018 Tube DAC
Audio Elise Amplifier and ES9018 Tube DAC

Hi again Mykhailo.

First of all, I must say how surprised I am that this DAC already sounds a good bit better than my well-regarded (and not cheap!) Audiolab, which uses the same Sabre chip…surprised and DELIGHTED!! And, of course, things can only get better…so we’re on course for some really good stuff, methinks!!

The trafo hum is no bother now I’ve situated it better, and the (presumably) tube noise is not quite so bad but still more than I would like. It may well subside a bit more with further burn-in, but I suspect I will need to rely on my new tubes…the Mullards (Holland) arrived today, and as they seem to be rated only just behind the much more expensive Telefunkens, I’m hoping they will solve the noise issue and perhaps up the performance a little as well…shall hang on for a couple of days yet, though…(will also give me time to clean and gold-plate the pins!…perhaps the DAC’s tubes’ pins need a clean? – this can often be the source of noise, of course..).

Anyway Mykhailo, I must repeat how amazed I am at the sound already…THANK YOU! And yes, I personally think the ESS Sabre 9018 to be right at the top of the list…so long as the rest of the system isn’t too bright – then things can start to get a bit ‘edgy’, especially if one is very treble-sensitive! (I suspect the Mullards may well also ‘smooth’ things a tad more in this DAC, although this will happen to a certain degree as she is with more hours on her, naturally). Will keep you informed as to progress, so until then, take care…

Best wishes,

Tube DAC on TDA1541 by Malbru™
Tube DAC on TDA1541 by Malbru™

Hi, I finally got to do some proper listening and heard it burn in during the process. Also, like you, I’m a great believer in mains leads and conditioners. So I have made one of my own silver mains cables with silver plated plugs and fuse. As such I can confidently say that this unit is totally awesome hence the rating I gave you. I’m taking it to my friend’s soon, and I’m sure he’ll order one too, so until we talk again many thanks and if I’m in London as I live close I’ll accept your invite. P.s on the jazz fusion tip I’ve just got all alphonso Johnson work on cd for the first time. This guy was weather reports bassist before jaco passtorios took over, well worth finding.

Happy listening and thanks again. Michael Currie

Passive Stepped Attenuator by Malega Audio
Passive Stepped Attenuator P01™ by Malega Audio

Hello Mykhailo,

I have received the preamp.  Thank you.  I just hooked it up and it’s already better than the one I was using.  I am going to let it burn in for a few nights and then do some serious listening.  Thank you again.
Where I really notice finer detail improvement is with my Headphones.  They sound like they are electrostatic now.  They are recovering everything on the recordings.  The speakers are better, too but not so much as big a change as with the headphones.  

Thanks again
Douglas Zetye

Silver SPDIF Coaxial Cable - SILVER CX™
SPDIF Coaxial Cable – SILVER CX™

Cable received. Love your cable.
I just ordered one more.
Please send to my work address again

Yes , i tested it. It is now in my cable cooker. Thanks for your wonderful product. Most likely my friend wants one for themselves, once they listen to yours.    Raymond

Jan`s Passive Pre Amp PS2
Pasive preamplifier PS2 in Oak colour

Mykhailo: Today the little PS2 arrived and I am absolutely thrilled! The sound is so insanely clear and direct. And the bad noise I had before is gone. It looks very nice and now decorates my sideboard. Attached is a photo. Really, a piece of jewellry. Thank you very much. Also for the great second front panel in teak! Thank you, Mykhailo!

I no longer believe in conventional preamps with all their electronics inside. They are more like money printing machines for the manufacturers. You don’t need anything more than a high quality volume control, high quality jacks, high quality cables. That’s exactly what you did. And if it looks pretty, all the better. Sure, it costs money too, but you get a much clearer sound than with other preamps. Funny fact: The sound character has changed: Where before rather the stronger signals (bass) went through the cable, now much more treble and midrange are audible. The result is that everything is “louder” even at room volume. There are more sounds, more details. The bass recedes somewhat into the background as a result and one approaches the recording as it was actually intended. Absolutely great! Previously, I had a preamp from Bryston. A great thing. But sonically it could not keep up! I think you are doing everything right.

Have a nice evening in Manchester, greetings to you,

Johan Jansen PS2 in audio chainJohan Jansen Tube with PS2

Hello Myhailo,

I am very glad with the PS2 i have received from you. Is it possible to make a second one but then with 2 (switched) outputs. I use a simple low energy tube amp  for background music and a 845 SE amp (375Watt energy use) for pleasure listening. I have two sources, turntable and CD player with build in DAC.. Reference 3a Royal Master. 35 years old.
Thanks in advance, Johan Jansen from The Netherlands.

Many thanks to all the reviewers!

We are audiophiles ourselves, passionate about music. We enjoy listening to different type of music, predominately classic and jazz. As yourself, we want to make sure the music played in our home sounds at its very best. If you need any suggestions as to how your home audio can be improved to a smaller or a greater degree, please feel free to ask any questions you may have, we are here to help.

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