Audiophile Passive Pre-Amplifier – PS1™ Passive Stepped Attenuator


Malega Audio™ PS1™ – Passive Pre-Amplifier Designed To Deliver A True Analogue Like Sound To Any Type Of Music On Any Level Of Audio Gear. Seat Back and Enjoy Fast Dynamics And Just A Better Sound!

  • The “MB™ – P01” Passive Pre-amplifier was designed with audio clarity in mind.

  • The whole audio signal path is designed specifically for best possible audio performance using high purity metals such as thick 999% soft silver and real 100% copper for input and output RCA terminals.

  • I decided to design the passive pre-amp without a selector switch or any other switches on purpose, as I wanted the least signal interchanges and the maximum clean sound across the whole signal range to your power amplifier.

  • The Passive pre-amplifier or volume control has TWO Inputs and TWO Outputs only. (Custom Orders for 2 inputs  and 4 outputs as well as XLR Balanced designs are available).

Towards your musical pleasure and the perfect sound reproduction at your home for many years to come.
Malega Audio ™ Co. Team.



Audiophile Passive Pre-Amplifier – Malega Audio™ PS1™ – Designed To Deliver A Very Natural Sound Reproduction Across All Instruments! High End Passive Stepped Attenuator Designed to Be A Keeper For Any System

Malega Audio™ passive stepped attenuator made completely by hand in the UK using The FINEST parts for audio including our design specifics to make sure it is capable to transmit your components audio signal with as minimum effect as possible therefore delivering great dynamics, naturalness to instruments and reaching the lowest notes as deep as your system allows, and at the same time providing the finest nuances in treble frequency range.

If you are serious to find a TRUE audiophile passive preamplifier, then here it is – Malega Audio™ PS1™ Preamp, your ultimate musical component responsible to control you delicate audio signal at its best. All of our passive preamplifiers as well as other products are entirely handmade. PS1™ and PS2™ must be on a list of any serious audio hobbyist


The volume control is a HIGH QUALITY stepped attenuator type to make sure you get precise stereo sound on any volume level without clicks or pup type of sound between volume steps or any other issues.

Audiophile silver coated stepped attenuator

Audiophile quality 23-Step Volume Potentiometer featuring silver coated contacts on copper, using carbon DALE Resistors. A lot of audiophiles and music hobbyist alike talk about audible improvements that can be heard due to carbon resistors that make music more alive, transparent and just a pleasure listening to for hours on end. We certainly know that and take advantage of any way possible to make our products more desirable using our best know-how, and we also use carbon resistors in our passive pre amplifiers.

This type of stepped potentiometers design used in High-End audio equipment due to its high quality characteristics and reliability to withstand equipment heat. So rest assured you will get a fast, clean and thick sound possible from the passive pre-Amp.

Internal wires used are the finest purity 99.9% soft silver. All the contacts are soldered with very BEST silver solder from Audio Note Co. The RCA sockets are gold-plated on 100% pure copper for very best conductivity to make sure the delicate audio signal passes with as minimum effect as possible, therefore a very engaging sound reproduction passed further into your power amp or integrated amplifier.


We highly recommend auditioning it as this could very well be the one you are looking for. It allows your audio signal from your source, travel to your power amp so clear that you can easily distinguish the difference in sound by changing your audio source! So you pretty much hear what your source is capable of.


If possible please use the Malega Audio SILVER ™ cables as these interconnect have low impedance, they are capable to bring a very best sonic result from your CD or a DAC source, these are wonderful quality interconnects, therefore we use them ourselves. For best sonic results, I suggest using a tube audio source as tubes known for their detailed and analogue like sound with a wide sound stage and also a high output signal that is wonderful for passive pre-amplifiers design although either source is fine and the PS1™ Stepped Attenuator Pre-Amp will work just fine.

Take your music to a new level and simply enjoy it having your CD or Vinyl collection sound more lifelike than before. You have got 14 Days home trial, and 100% money back guaranty and 4-years warranty as well.


The Malega Audio™ – PS1™ Passive Pre-Amplifier family comes in 3 colours for veneer front panel; Wenge, Teak and Oak

Passive Pre Amp Veneer Colours

Passive Pre Amp Veneer Colours

Interesting reading on passive Pre-Amps:




Malega Audio Tube DAC and Passive Preamplifier

Audiophile passive preamplifier with a tube DAC

Towards your musical pleasure and the perfect sound reproduction at your home.
Malega Audio ™ Co. Team.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 12 cm
Malega Audio™ PS1™

Two RCA In & Two RCA Out Wenge-Colour, Two RCA In & Two RCA Out Teak – Colour, Two RCA In & Two RCA Out Oak-Colour, Two XLR In & Two XLR Out Male Switchcraft Oak-Colour, Two XLR In & Two XLR Out Male Switchcraft Teak-Colour, Two XLR In & Two XLR Out Male Switchcraft Wenge-Colour, Two XLR In & Two XLR Out Female Switchcraft Oak-Colour, Two XLR In & Two XLR Out Female Switchcraft Teak-Colour, Two XLR In & Two XLR Out Female Switchcraft Wenge-Colour

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  1. admin says:

    Hi Ashley,

    That is correct, the Passive Pre-Amp will control the input signal to your power amplifier. This is exactly what it designed for.

    Happy Listening

  2. admin says:

    Hi Mark,

    We are happy to know your passive Pre-Amplifier – PS1™ serves you well and brings musical improvements and overall satisfaction, as this is what we are focused on to achieve in our products. Thank you for your comment, it helps others to get to know our products more. Best Regards MALEGA AUDIO Co.

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