High End Copper Interconnects – Solid Copper Interconnects


High End Solid Core Copper Cables – Bespoke Interconnects For High Fidelity Sound

  • Highest purity copper used in our cables design
  • Audio grade 5 pointed star RCA`s featuring real gold on copper alloy.
  • Best possible silver solder used in cable construction for better signal contact.

Noticeably better sound across ALL frequency range with more attack and better sounding instrument. The true keeper for any type of audio system.  Entirely handmade bespoke product.

High End Copper Audio Cables – Bespoke RCA Cables for High Fidelity Sound !

Introducing a very special RCA audio cable which was entirely made in-house.  In our design we used a LOT of high purity copper conductors to achieve a very pleasant sound when it comes to cables. Depending on a system, one can notice a much reached sound texture, with more defined mid-bass and bass, it feels as everything is just more.  Copper as a metal has the unique character of “Analogue Sound” it`s certainly wormer that let say silver cables. It is really comes down to personal liking and an audio system which can be a bit on a brighter or warmer side.  Cables help to balance the right balance in how we best feel our music.

And here you have it Malega Audio RCA Copper Cables to your musical pleasure.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 3 cm
Malega Audio™ CA1™ High End Copper Interconnects

High End Copper Interconnects – 5 Star Gold RCA -80cm, High End Copper Interconnects – 5 Star Gold RCA -100cm, High End Copper Interconnects – 5 Star Gold RCA -120cm


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