Turntable Audio Cables – SILVER SA1 High End Silver Phono Cables


Malega Audio™ SILVER SA1™ – High-end Turntable Cables

High end bespoke design Turntable silver cables SILVER 1Y™ Unique design Phono Silver cables for demanding audiophiles. If you take your analogue music seriously, you have to have one of these. The real keeper for any system.

Malega Audio™ SILVER SA1™ Turntable Silver Audio Cables For Serious Enthusiast.

• RCAs, gold-plated tellurium copper for high conductivity, contributing towards more natural sounding instruments. Extremely durable glass fibre nylon for better sockets’ connection.
• The Finest silver of 99.9% used for solid core conductors, allowing audio signal in its purest form with great dynamics and speed.
• Teflon tubing for better current skin effect. Designed to let you hear much more of the original music and emotions from your audio system.
• Low capacitance phono cables


Grounding Wire
SILVER SA1™ Phono Cable can be supplied with a copper grounding wire if you need it. Usually turntables come with a ground wire already fitted. If you need the phono cable with a ground wire, please let us know.


Quality Silver Turntable Audio Cables, Your Solution Interconnects When It Comes to Phono Cables – Malega Audio™ “SILVER SA1™” Designed to Make Your System Sound At It Very Best. Entirely Handmade In The UK

Make your music sound as close to original performance as possible. The highest quality materials are used as well as our unique design specifics in order to achieve a truly engaging, natural, more lifelike and details sound reproduction in any music. The turntable cables allow wide frequency range from a very deep bass all the way to a distinctive mid-range and delicate treble.
All of our interconnect cables are professionally handmade in the UK.

Our goal is to make sure you aren’t listening to cables, but entirely forget about them and notice your music sound more pleasurable and realistic than before. We want you enjoy your music more and therefore we create these very special Phono Cables SILVER 1Y (as well as any other products) in order to take your music to the next level. Being audiophiles ourselves, we know what we hear and how the music needs to sound. Of course, every other musical component is responsible for the end result when it leaves the speakers, however any improvements in our musical chain will have a positive affect to how we hear our music.

A bit of technicality:

  • The Highest purity silver used for internal conductors (various thickness)
  • The Highest grade silver solder for contacts.
  • Special insulation tubes
  • Gold-plated copper RCA plugs

We use fibre glass nylon RCAs specifically design for analogue signal. They are extremely durable five-pointed star shape, providing a firm contact  for RCA sockets. The RCAs are nickel free gold-plated for longest durability and warm sound.  The UNS C14500 tellurium copper have a very low resistance and amazing sound characteristics. Hollow sharp central pin gives lower noise and open sound characteristics. UNS C14500 tellurium copper: 99.5% copper, 0.5% Te and 0.008% phosphors. It have the same conductivity as pure copper, but much higher hardness and better oxidation resistance. The one side ground (single point grounding) design decrease Eddy current and electromagnetic/RF interference.

High-End audio is all about the pursuit of perfect sound reproduction at your home – and that is exactly what these silver interconnects are designed for! Home audio can sound more realistic and engaging with the sense of real performance in your room due to high quality audio gear and interconnecting audio cables that allow the very delicate audio signal pass between your audio components are no exception. The vinyl sound being very delicate in its nature, it is necessary to make sure your phono interconnects are specifically designed to carry that low volume signal further at its best format. The turntable SILVER SA1 cables are worthwhile having and as important as musical components themselves.

Treat yourself with our ultimate phono cable making sure your music sounds as good as possible. If you are serious about phono cables you have to have these in your system.


As always, towards your musical pleasure and the perfect sound reproduction at your home for many years to come.
Malega Audio ™ Co. Team.


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Malega Audio™ Silver SA1™

65 cm BLACK Bullet Plug, 82 cm BLACK Bullet Plug, 110 cm BLACK Bullet Plug, 150 cm BLACK Bullet Plug


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